Caryn Panowicz

Operations Technical Director, U.S. National Ice Center

Ms. Panowicz has been with the USNIC Since 2001. First, as an Ice Analyst and Forecaster in the Operations Department, and currently as the USNIC Operations Technical Director (OTD). She is an advisor to the Commanding Officer on operational matters as they pertain to the effectiveness and efficiency with which the USNIC meets its mission and goals. As the USNIC's Subject Matter Expert in operational sea ice services, she works with the Operations Department, focusing on providing relevant sea ice information services to our users. She is also the primary USNIC operational representative to national and international organizations.

Prior to coming to the USNIC, Ms. Panowicz worked at the Joint Warfare Analysis Center in Dahlgren, VA. She also served in the US Navy providing synoptic weather, local forecasting, aviation forecasting, and anti-submarine warfare products. Along with the multitude of meteorological and oceanographic training and qualifications earned during her time in the US Navy, she holds a BS in Environmental Management.

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