Press Release

CDR Casey J. Gon relieved CDR Heather H. Quilenderino as Commanding Officer of NAVICEN during a change of command ceremony on 08 July 2021

Press Release

Iceberg D-28 collided with ice shelves in the Queen Maud Land Region of Antarctica creating five new icebergs.

Regional Synopsis

The U.S. National Ice Center has developed a new series charts. Regional Synopsis charts breaks out each region of the Arctic and Antarctic into a high quality regional charts along with an environment synopsis write-up. Charts will be updated weekly. Please take a look.

IMS Resource

Added IMS Conference Materials to IMS Information resource page. Take a look.

Press Release

The 2021 maximum Arctic sea ice extent occurred on 10 March 2021.

Antarctic Ice Shelf

Antarctic ice shelf is available in GIS shapefile format.

Product Catalog

Looking for a product or details on one. Check out our product catalog.

Animated Charts

Added animated charts of our Arctic and Antarctic MIZ, and IMS snow and ice charts.

Trivariate Products

A comprehensive look at ice conditions over a period time, from a single year to a comparison set starting from 2007. Produced for the Arctic and Antarctic.

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