NOTICE: Starting 04 October 2021, USNIC will be revising the Arctic Weekly Hemispheric Analysis. Ice thickness characterization egg codes 7 (Thin First Year Ice), 1-Dot (Medium First Year Ice), and 4-Dot (Thick First Year Ice) will be characterized as 6 (First Year Ice). Further characterization will be available for Tailored Support based on customer mission requirements.

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Iceberg A-69B Has Broken in Half and Calved A-69C

Iceberg, A-69C. A-69C is located at at 66°51’ South, 59°39’ West, in the Weddell Sea. It measures 10 nautical miles on its longest axis and 3 nautical miles on its widest axis.

Arctic Sea Ice at Minimum Extent 2021
Weekly Hemispheric Update

With the Arctic Weekly Hemispheric Analysis change for all First Year Ice to Egg Code 6, the codes are defined as follows:

World Meteorological Organization Standard Thickness References

Egg Code 6 is First Year Ice (>30 cm)
Egg Code 7 is Thin First Year Ice (30 - 70 cm)
Egg Code 1-Dot is Medium First Year Ice (70-120cm)
Egg Code 4-Dot is Thick First Year Ice (>120 cm)

Arctic Sea Ice at Minimum Extent - 2021

U.S. National Ice Center determined that the 2021 Arctic sea ice extent minimum was reached on September 12, 2021.

Iceberg A-78, calves from Jelbart Ice Shelf

Iceberg A-78 has calved from the Jelbart Ice Shelf on the Princess Martha Coast of Antarctica, located at 70° 21' South, 3° 58' West, measuring 18 nautical miles on its longest axis and 4 nautical miles on its widest axis.

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Ross Outlook

The seasonal Ross Outlook has been produced for the 2021-2022 ice season and is now available. Click here to access.

Regional Synopsis

The U.S. National Ice Center has developed a new series charts. Regional Synopsis charts breaks out each region of the Arctic and Antarctic into a high quality regional charts along with an environment synopsis write-up. Charts will be updated weekly. Please take a look.

Antarctic Ice Shelf

Antarctic ice shelf is available in GIS shapefile format.

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Animated Charts

Added animated charts of our Arctic and Antarctic MIZ, and IMS snow and ice charts.

Trivariate Products

A comprehensive look at ice conditions over a period time, from a single year to a comparison set starting from 2007. Produced for the Arctic and Antarctic.

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