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Press Release

Iceberg D-28 collided with ice shelves in the Queen Maud Land Region of Antarctica creating five new icebergs.

Press Release

Newly named iceberg, Iceberg A-76, calves into Icebergs A-76A, A-76B, and A-76C.

Press Release

Iceberg A-76 calves from the Ronne Ice Shelf in the Weddell Sea. Its longest axis measures 89NM, making it the largest iceberg in the world.

IMS Resource

Added IMS Conference Materials to IMS Information resource page. Take a look.

Press Release

The 2021 maximum Arctic sea ice extent occurred on 10 March 2021.

Antarctic Ice Shelf

Antarctic ice shelf is available in GIS shapefile format.

Product Catalog

Looking for a product or details on one. Check out our product catalog.

Animated Charts

Added animated charts of our Arctic and Antarctic MIZ, and IMS snow and ice charts.

Trivariate Products

A comprehensive look at ice conditions over a period time, from a single year to a comparison set starting from 2007. Produced for the Arctic and Antarctic.

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