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The Antarctic region is a main area for ice analysis by the U.S. National Ice Center. Antarctica is analyzed by concentration daily, with a more detailed analysis containing concentration and thickness completed weekly. Based off these analyses, numerous products are created and presented here. There are also periodic products like the Ross Outlook and Peninsula charts placed here during its melt season. The USNIC is also charged with naming and monitoring large icebergs in Antarctica.

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Thumbnail image of daily Antarctic marginal
             ice zone chart
Daily Marginal Ice Zone

A graphical representation of the daily ice analysis that depicts the marginal ice zone (ice concentration up to 80%) in yellow and pack ice (ice concentration 80% and greater) in red.




30 Day 60 Day 90 Day

Thumbnail image of Antarctic ice
             concentration chart
Weekly Ice Concentration

A graphical representation of ice concentrations based on the weekly ice analysis.

Thumbnail image of Antarctic stage of
             development chart
Weekly Stage of Development

A graphical representation of the estimated stage of development/ice thickness based on the weekly ice analysis.

Thumbnail image of Antarctic 30-Day ice change chart
30-Day Ice Change

A graphical representation of the change in sea ice extent over the last 30 days.

Thumbnail image of Antarctic peninsula chart
Weekly Antarctic Peninsula Charts

Seasonal Chart - A weekly chart produced between November to March that concentrates on the Antarctic Peninsula area. Charts are broken into the East and West portions of the Antarctic Peninsula, charts display ice concentrations based off weekly ice analysis and ice thickness from GOFS model.


East West


East West
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