Product Catalog

The U.S. National Ice Center (USNIC) Product Catalog presents a listing of products and services available to external customers. Each product listing includes a description, coverage area, parameters analyzed, sources, output format, dissemination, and customers. The table of contents will link to the products. This catalog is not classified. USNIC can support our users via SIPR and JWICS.

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USNIC Ice Analysis Procedures

On a daily and weekly basis, USNIC completes a detailed characterization of sea ice for the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

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IMS Information

The Interactive Multisensor Snow and Ice Mapping System (IMS) provides USNIC analysts with the ability to interactively create, save, and distribute highly accurate maps depicting the extent of daily hemispheric snow and ice coverage.

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Antarctic Iceberg Information

The U.S. National Ice Center monitors, documents, and names Antarctic icebergs that meet a minimum size criteria. This is done weekly using hi-resolution satellite imagery that tracks location, size, and any remarks.

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Antarctic Shelf Information

The U.S. National Ice Center maintains an Antarctic ice shelf file that integrates with the coast to give and accurate depiction of the Antarctic coast/ice shelf boundary.

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Trivariate Information

Trivariate product are graphic charts and data sets that are derived from the U.S. National Ice Center archive data to provide an accurate, comprehensive, and easily understood characterization of analyzed sea ice conditions in the polar regions.

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Manual of Ice (MANICE)

MANICE is the Manual of Standard Procedures for Observing and Reporting Ice Conditions. It is the authoritative document for observing all forms of ice: sea ice, lake and river ice, and ice of land origin.

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Tailored Support

U.S. National Ice Center can provide additional support for certain projects or groups. The files which constitute that support require authentication (a username and password) to allow access. To request such support, please complete and submit our Tailored Support Form.

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