Antarctic Trivariate Charts

Example of an Antarctic Trivariate chart

Climatology Trivariate Compendium Year
Climatology Trivariate Single Year

Description: Trivariate Sea Ice Presence products are derived from USNIC archived data to provide a characterization of analyzed sea ice conditions in the polar regions. Colors indicate that only pack ice (red), marginal ice zone (green), or ice free (blue) conditions were present.
Compendium Year - data is comprised of Daily Sea Ice information for the stated period for every year from 2007 to the year stated
Single Year - data is comprised of the Daily Sea Ice information for the stated single year

Coverage Area: The Antarctic trivariate charts are divided into six regions for Compendium and Single Year products:
1. Antarctic Peninsula - covers Antarctic Peninsula and Weddell and Bellinghausen Seas
2. Ross Sea - covers Ross Sea and McMurdo Sound
3. Antarctic A - covers Weddell and Bellingshausen Seas
4. Antarctic B - covers Amundsen and Ross Seas
5. Antarctic C - covers Ross and Wilkesland Seas
6. Antarctic D - covers Amery Sea

Format: PDF, PNG

Periodicity: Twice a month, on the 16th and last day of the month

Dissemination: USNIC website

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