NAIS Arctic 30-Day Outlooks

Example of NAIS 30 day outlook document and image

NAIS East 30-Day Outlook
NAIS West 30-Day Outlook
NAIS Hudson 30-Day Outlook

Description: A document providing the 30-day prognosis and update of ice conditions for each of the three NAIS Arctic regions; a write up and graphic are provided within the document

Coverage Area:
1. NAIS East - covers Baffin Bay and Foxe Basin regions
2. NAIS West - covers Canadian Archipelago, Beaufort/Chukchi Seas and northern Arctic regions
3. NAIS Hudson - covers Hudson Bay, Foxe Strait, Davis Strait and Labrador coastal regions

Format: PDF, DOC

Periodicity: On the 1st and 15th of the month from 15 June - 01 December

Dissemination: USNIC website, CIS website

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